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YouTube video clips of fish and the Delta

It’s been awhile since I last posted to this blog.  I didn’t mean to let it lapse for this long, but it can be hard to regain momentum once stopping.  Anyway, an update is overdue, and for those of you still checking in, I thought it would be fun to return by sharing a YouTube account I ran across recently.  The YouTube account, which is maintained by the environmental consulting group FISHBIO, has posted many short video clips about fish and the Delta.

You may remember previous discussion on this blog about the Vernalis experiment (VAMP) and the Head of Old River fish barrier (HORB) installed at the confluence of Old River and the San Joaquin.  A few of the videos posted by FISHBIO may help bring to life some of that discussion.  This video clip shows the HORB in spring 2009:

Here is another video clip of the HORB:

Both of these video clips depict the non-physical barrier in 2009, which has been tested in the spring ever since Judge Wanger issued a court order prohibiting the construction of a physical barrier.  The non-physical barrier instead uses accoustic deterrents, LED strobe lighting, and a bubble curtain to divert Chinook salmon away from Old River and into the San Joaquin channel.

Here is one video clip that shows fish tagging for VAMP:

And here is a nice clip of tule perch in a Delta tributary:

Many more videos can be found at FISHBIO’s YouTube account.  In the meantime, I hope to post more content here soon.



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