A New Look

My apologies — particularly to those few readers who might check in now and again — for the recent silence on this blog.  There has been plenty of water-related news that I have wanted to write about, particularly Judge Wanger’s most recent ruling on the salmonid biological opinion.  Unfortunately though, other obligations have come up that stand in the way of blogging regularly, and those posting opportunities slipped by.  Posting may remain slow for the next couple of months, but hopefully there will be opportunity in the near future to examine Wanger’s ruling more closely in the context of other Delta issues.

In the meantime, I have given the blog something of a facelift.  The header has been outfitted with drop-down menus to make it easier to navigate through the archives by category.  The list of menus for water projects, districts, waterways, and legislation are incomplete because only those topics I’ve written posts about appear in the menu — so those lists will fill out over time.  Any comments you may have on the design (for instance, if something looks odd in your browser) are appreciated, so that errors and quirks can be fixed.

I am also planning other changes to make this a more interesting website to browse.  The menu bar categories, while useful for readers who find this blog by searching for a particular topic, might not necessarily appeal to casual readers.  In the future I hope to add more pages to the menu bar, perhaps filling in background on the Delta and water development in California.  Please feel free to write in the comments if there is a topic you would be interested to read more about on this blog.



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