A Small Change in Blog Title

The few people who may have stumbled upon this website in its first couple months of operation will know that I originally included a Greek letter in the title.  (Only one guess which letter.)

I saw the Greek letter Δ, often used to denote change, as an ironic reflection of the fact that the Delta region of California, which could use substantial and intelligently-planned change, nonetheless has largely been stuck in a quagmire of sorts — where plans are shelved, promises are broken, and sound policy goals get lost in a swamp of seemingly endless disputes over water rights, environmental compliance, and other issues.

Then, this week, when Aquafornia linked to a couple posts on here (thanks, Aquafornia!), I learned for the first time how someone else would think to refer to the site.  The good people at Aquafornia dropped the Greek letter.  Quite fair, and not surprising, since I suppose it isn’t standard to commit to memory the HTML codes for Greek letters.  To be honest, it also struck me as an odd title for a website.  So I will defer to the wisdom and good judgment of others.  For the sake of ease, I, too, have dropped the Greek letter in favor of the more straightforward title you now see at the top of the page.



3 thoughts on “A Small Change in Blog Title

  1. Yes, you are right, I didn’t have a clue how to make the triangle (although I was ever so impressed that you did). I thought about asking you how you did it, but then realized if I did, I would also then have to figure out how to make the n with the curly thing that I would have to use every time I type ‘El Nino’ ….

    Too much work, and I’m way too lazy for that!

    -Aqua Blog Maven

    Posted by Aquafornia | 12 February 2010, 6:14 am
  2. Hey Aqua Blog Maven,

    Haha, no worries, it is sort of a slippery slope. Once you do the tilde, then, you’ll have to do all other accents for Spanish names. With all the stories you’re writing on everyday, I can definitely see where that could get time-consuming!

    That said, if you are interested, this table has a pretty good listing of HTML codes for “special symbols.” International symbols, accents, etc. are toward the bottom: http://www.ascii.cl/htmlcodes.htm

    Thanks again for putting together such thorough daily compilations of the news everyday. Given the hundreds or more of websites that one could potentially read about CA water developments, I think we all appreciate the luxury of being able to read it all on just one site.

    Posted by Eric | 12 February 2010, 9:08 am
  3. Thank you for the complement and thank you for reading Aquafornia!

    -Aqua Blog Maven

    Posted by Aquafornia | 15 February 2010, 5:54 am

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